Personal data:
Name: Tamás Béla BAKÓ
and date of birth: Budapest, 1976
Nationality: Hungarian
Marital status: single



BUTE, Ph.D. course (summa cum laude degree)
dissertation: Restoration of nonlinearly distorted optical soundtracks using regularized inverse characteristics


Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (excellent diploma)
diploma-thesis: EM radiation measurement on mobile-phones


Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (distinguished diploma)
diploma-thesis: Restoration of old gramophone-recordings


Dániel Berzsenyi Secondary School

Language skills:

  • fluently spoken English (intermediate level State Language Examination, 1997)
  • good German (intermediate level State Language Examination, 2002)


  • software development in RTAI Linux environment
  • designing of PIC microcontroller driven circuits
  • Programming in Visual C, Visual DSP, MPLAB, MATLAB
  • Mixing and archivation of sound-recordings (softwares developed myself)
  • Computer administration (installing, maintenance, network) on NT-based computers
  • making good presentations
  • PCB designing in OrCAD



Quantitative developer at Morgan Stanley


Project responsible at Evosoft Hungary Ltd.

2005- 2006

Project leader at Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Development engineer in Germany at Algorithmix Advanced DSP Technologies


Assistant lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Dept. of Measurement and Information Systems



Projects at Evosoft Hungary Ltd. (2006-2015):

  • Module development of SIL-3 turbine monitoring systems.

Projects at Algorithmix (2003-2005):

  • development of a Zoom-FFT DirectX plug-in,
  • development of frequency detection algorithms, resampling algorithms,
  • room reverberation simulation in MATLAB,
  • development of a reverberation system, equalizer, variable delay, tremolo and other sound-effects on BlackFin processor,
  • handling multiple session TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP protocols on Analog Sharc,
  • development of tape and tube simulation, aural enhancement, psychoacoustic bass enhancement and other sound effects on PC,
  • development of echo cancellation softwares on PC.

Projects at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2002-2003):

  • development of a monitoring software for testing Time Triggered Architectures,
  • development of systems using IEEE1451 standard (hardware development os a Smart Transducer Interface Module, writing Transducer Electronic Datasheet generator software),
  • creation of hardware for laboratory lessions,
  • development and contribution in new laboratory lessions.

Projects at the Hungarian Radio (2002):

  • development of a noise reduction software,
  • distortion measurements on tape devices.

Projects at "Frédéric Joliot-Curie" National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene (2001):

  • contribution in the development of a mobile phone EM radiation measurement system,
  • measurements on mobile phones and EM shieldings.

Projects at the Dehn+Söhne GmbH (1999):

  • Development of a multimedia promotion CD,
  • development of a software, which classifies lightning protection level of buildings according to MSZ274.

Professional interests

  • Digital signal processing
  • Deconvolution, nonlinear compensation
  • Noise reduction of old gramophone recordings
  • EMC
  • Measurement technology


Publication list