ToneCalc, frequency vs. sound tone calculator program


This program is a side product of my research, where I was trying to determine the exact pitch of short instrument sounds. I just needed a software that can calculate the correct sound note and the deviation in cents from a given frequency and vica verse. So I have made it.

If you start the program, at the top side you can write in the frequency input. Also here, you can select the tone convention system (Roland, where 440 Hz is A4, or Yamaha, where 440 Hz is A3) and you can also determine the reference tone (usually it is 440 Hz, but formerly there was a 445 Hz reference system). By pressing The Calc button in the middle, you will get the tone and the deviation.

At the bottom side, you can select a sound tone and determine the deviation. By pressing the bottom Calc button, you will get the result in Hz at the Val. row, at the top.



You can download the program here.

If you have some idea to improove the interface or something like that, just let me know:, but I don't guarantee that I will answer, or I will do it.