Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB
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This page describes the latest development results, and offers access to the latest available version, distributed by the developers of the fdident toolbox. The page itself is also maintained by the developers of the toolbox.

      The current version of the Toolbox is Version 4.0a, April 26, 2009, tested for MATLAB 7.8 (2009a).

Backward compatibility is maintained also with MATLAB 7.x, 6.x, and 5.3: R11.
Subscribers will receive a new passcode from the distributor when they upgrade their Matlab. If you download a subscriber version, and have received no new passcode yet, please contact the distributor at

General Information
The MathWorks Third Party Products FDIDENT Page
Data Sheet of the Toolbox    Referring to the Toolbox    Papers on the Toolbox
Novelties in Version 4.0    with respect to Version 3.2    wrt V3.0    wrt V2.0.3
Book on frequency domain system identification
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