Pictures of the MaestroTone 250 banjo

Front Front (small) small (56k) big (396k) Back Back (small) small (54k) big (375k)
Pot (1) Pot details (small) small (73k) big (403k) Pot (2) Pot inside (small) small (64k) big (247k)
Fingerboard Fingerboard (small) small (23k) big (216k) Inlays Inlays (small) small (57k) N/A
5th tuner 5th tuner (small) small (83k) N/A Peghead Peghead (small) small (46k) N/A
Tuners (1) Tuners (1, small) small (35k) N/A Tuners (2) Tuners (2,small) small (58k) big (393k)

In addition to the musicyo ad:
  • Heavy (12.5 lbs for the whole banjo, 8.5 lbs for the pot w/o resonator and neck);
  • Loud, good sounding banjo (I am not an expert, though);
  • 24 brackets;
  • 18 hole tone ring;
  • 2 coordinator rods;
  • Truss rod;
  • 1-piece flange;
  • Planetary tuners (ratio 8:1), geared 5th tuner;
  • Inlay of the 22nd fret (rectangular w/ MaestroTone written into it) and inlays of the peghead are Mother of Pearl, Hearts and Flowers inlays are plastic, but nice work;
  • Wood finish is very nice, chrome hardware is OK quality;
  • Laminated resonator, laminated rim (probably maple?);
  • Resonator and tailpiece are attached to the flange;
  • Well built, I think.

  • Visit Paul Hawthorne's asian banjo site for more information!
    Copyright (c) János Márkus, 2002-2005