Gergely Janos Paljak

Gergely Paljak
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PhD Student
Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group
Department of Measurement and Information Systems
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Address: H-1117 Budapest, Magyar Tudósok körútja 2., Building I, Room B.414.
Phone: + 36 1 463-3579, Fax: + 36 1 463-2667  
E-mail: paljak AT
My advisors: Dr. András Pataricza, Dr. Tamás Kovácsházy

Research Areas

model driven management of IT infrastructures, datacenter performance modeling, applying control- and hybrid models to large-scale systems, transaction tracing in distributed systems


Research reports:
My co-authored IBM Research Reports [in the IBM Research Report Database]

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Project participation


Lectures given at BUTE

Information technology laboratory II. [webhome]

    Service level management / Szolgáltatási szint menedzsment mérési útmutató [pdf]