Name:Csaba Tóth
Place and date of birth:Debrecen, 1954
Marital status:married, one child
Affiliation: Department of Measurement and Information Systems,
(formerly known as Measurement and Instrumentation Department)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
(formerly known as Technical University of Budapest)
since 1978
Mailing address:H-1521 Budapest, Pf. 91.
Location:H-1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 2., Bldg. I. Wing E, IV. IE424.
Phone number:+36 1 463-3592
Fax number:+36 1 463-4112
Position:associate professor
Studies:Technical University of Budapest, 1973-1978
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Branch of Instrumentation and Control
Degrees:Dr. techn. from the Technical University of Budapest, 1987
Research fields:Embedded systems and networks