Physics-Based Sound Synthesis of the Piano
Balázs Bank, Physics-Based Sound Synthesis of the Piano, Master's thesis, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Hungary, published as Report 54 of Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, May 2000. URL:

The thesis is about the synthesis of piano sound based on physical principles.

The full text:
PDF (1.6 Mb)
Post Script (Win Zipped, 1.4 Mb)

The thesis is also published in the Report Series of the HUT Acoustics Laboratory. Please contact secretary Lea Söderman if you wish to obtain a printed copy.

Please see my more recent results on piano modeling in my
Ph.D. thesis and in the
IEEE Transactions paper I have written with S. Zambon and F. Fontana.

You may also check my other related publications.

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