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Last updated on the 12th of February 2012.


This is my webpage. It is still not ready, but a couple of useful information are already provided. The main goal of this page is to show and make downloadable parts of my work that are freely usable for other. In the future this webpage will evolve as well.

FDTD simulator for MATLAB

There are a couple of commercial product for FDTD simulations, but I have not found any usable free version of them. Especial not as MATLAB implementation. Therefore I created a some scripts that are simulating acoustic space with the FDTD method. There will be an API documentation in the future, till that you must read the code. It is well commented and formatted.

Version 0.2.1 beta

Release date: 2012.02.12.
Download link: FDTDv021b.zip
What's new:


Planned for future:

Version 0.2 beta

Release date: 2012.01.16.
Download link: FDTDv02b.zip

API reference

d = RS_GetData( pos ): Get the pressure in the simulation space at the given points.

RS_Init( room , c , p , h , k ): This function initializes the inner structures for the simulations. It must be called before the simulation is used.

RS_Iterate(): Calculates an iteration of the room with Z wall impedance (real walls).

RS_IterateSimple(): Calculates an iteration of the room with ideal walls.

h = RS_Plot( n , graph , axis , slice , cont , colm ): Draws a slice from the 3D room according to the input parameters.

RS_SetData( pos ): Set the pressure in the simulation space at the given points.

Validation of simulation

The simulation was run on a 6m x 5m x 3m closed room, with ideal walls to validate the modes of the room. For the validation "Version 0.2.1 beta" was used. You can find the test code in the main.m file.
The simulation run for ~750 seconds and produced the following output (just added some grid after the plot):
Room modes
You can see the theoretical calculated modes in red and the simulation result in blue. The missed peaks (like the green marked) are only becasuse I have marked only the x=0..2, y=0..2, z=0..2 indexed modes.