Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB
General Information

The Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox ("Fdident") is equipped with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, model and data objects, command-line calls much simpler than earlier, etc. Its new version is also fully backward-compatible to the earlier toolbox versions. It runs on all types of computers and operational systems where MATLAB also runs.
The toolbox has been developed and is being maintained and supported by the original developers of the Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox. Sites or individuals can buy a license for the toolbox. For details, please contact X2 Consulting Ltd., or email to, or, alternatively, contact the local firm from which you had bought your MATLAB license. Special deals are also available. The current price list is available here.

The Toolbox may be used under the Software License Agreement terms and conditions.

A detailed description of the GUI and the objects is readable in an HTML document.

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