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Quantization Noise - A Book on Uniform and Floating-Point Quantization
Requesting a Solutions Manual

Please request free access to the solutions manual only if you agree with the conditions below. Thank you.
I would like to obtain a solutions manual for the book: B. Widrow, I. Kollár, "Quantization Noise". I understand and agree that
  • the version available now was last edited on 26/Aug/2008,
  • I request it for my personal use, in my teaching or in my scientific study,
  • I will get access to a personalized PDF file for printing it for myself,
  • later on, I may request another copy to have the then-avaliable version,
  • I may photocopy just a few pages for my students, but I may not put any portion of the file on a WEB page,
  • if colleagues are interested, I will advise them to request their own copy through this page, rather than passing my copy to them.

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