EMBrACE ITEA project

Environment for model-based rigorous adaptive co-design and operation of CPS

  • Acronym: EMBrACE
  • Year: 2020–2022
  • Type: EU ITEA4
  • Role: site leader
  • Web: Link


The EMBrACE project developed a new requirement modeling language (CRML) and modeling environment for cyber-physical systems. We developed state-based verification components and bindings, and worked on connecting the new SysMLv2 language to CRML.

Arrowhead Tools H2020 ECSEL project

Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions

  • Acronym: Arrowhead Tools
  • Year: 2019–2022
  • Type: EU H2020 ECSEL
  • Role: Co-PI
  • Web: Link


The Arrowhead Tools project developed tools chains and workflows supporting the Arrowhead IoT framework. We developed formal verification components for embedded code, a SysML profile, and a verification workflow.

ADVANCE H2020 project

Addressing Verification and Validation Challenges in Future CPS

  • Acronym: ADVANCE
  • Year: 2019–2023
  • Type: EU H2020 RISE
  • Role: site leader
  • Web: Link


The ADVANCE project is a research exchange project, where partners work on V&V of cyber-physical systems. We developed new methods to test modeling language, especially focusing on assessing their semantics.

Competence Center national project

Safety Science and Technology Competence Center

  • Acronym: 2019.1.3.1-KK-2019-00004
  • Year: 2020–2022
  • Type: KK (national)
  • Role: Co-PI


The Competence Center is a joint project with four major enterprises to create new innovative technologies for safety-critical domains. We work with thyssenkrupp to develop methods that can help designing and verifying automotive systems more efficiently.

Model Checking as a Service project

Model Checking as a Service

  • Acronym: MCaaS
  • Year: 2019–2021
  • Type: Industrial collaboration
  • Role: Lead
  • Publication:


MCaaS is an industrial collaboration with IncQuery Group and NASA JPL. We created a cloud-based environment that can verify SysML State Machines using hidden model checkers.

EU FP6 and FP7 projects

Previous projects

  • Year: 2006–2017
  • Type: EU FP6/FP7
  • Role: contributor


I was a researcher and task leader working on the R5-COP, R3-COP, SecureChange, HIDENETS, ReSIST international collaborative projects.