Aircraft Photos of Hungarian Military Aircraft

(from László Jávor, Ferenc Zsák, and Péter Mujzer

WWI and earlier pictures (from László Jávor)

Hungarian People's Republic  (from László Jávor)

Hungarian Air Force, pre-1945 period  (from László Jávor)


Arado 96, Bucker 131 and other school aircraft


Bf-109 Messerschmidt fighters


Caproni Ca-101/3m bombers


Caproni Ca-135bis bombers


Captured or interned foreign aircraft (also from Péter Mujzer)


Dornier aircraft


Fiat CR-32 fighter


Fiat CR-42 fighter


Fiat aircraft, other types


Fokker aircraft


Fw-189 recon aircraft


Fw-190 fighter


Fw-56 Stosser and Fw-58 Weihe liaison and trainer aircraft


Heinkel types


He-46/E-2Un recon aircraft


He-70 recon aircraft


Ju-87 and Ju-88 bombers


Ju-52 transport aircraft


Ju-86 bombers


Junkers, other types


Me-210 attack aircraft


Military gliders


Others types


Reggiane Re2000 fighters


Various developments


WM21 Solyom recon aircraft

Year 1948 (from László Jávor)

Star-in-circle period (from László Jávor)

Star-period (from László Jávor)

Revolution 1956 (from Ferenc Zsák)

Temporary insignia of 1990 (from László Jávor)

Present (from László Jávor)

Aicraft of the Polish AF (from László Jávor and Péter Mujzer)