Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox

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Developers of the toolbox would like to effectively promote academic use. If you are from an academic institution, please simply
  • register using your basic data for use of fdident (most fields are optional):
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    I would like to use the Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox with the following conditions.
    • I request it for my personal use, in my teaching or in my scientific study,
    • when I use it for work to be published, I refer to it with proper data,
    • I may not put any portion of the toolbox on a WEB page,
    • if colleagues are interested, I will advise them to request their own copy through this page, rather than passing my copy to them.

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  • download the zip file of the toolbox, and
  • make the necessary settings in Matlab:
    • make sure no old version of the toolbox is on your path ('which fdtool' should show no file in Matlab),
    • unzip the files somewhere,
    • add to the path the directories ..\fdident\fdident and ..\fdident\fddemos (e.g. in Matlab: addpath('DIR','-end'), where DIR is the access of the directory,
    • type fdtool in Matlab
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