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Current courses

Software and Systems Verification

Code: vimima01
Link: Materials
Description: The objective of the course is to present the different verification techniques that can be used throughout the full software and systems development lifecycle.
My role: Main instructor for the course.

BSc and Msc thesis

I was the supervisor of the following students. For students after 2010 see the faculty's thesis portal.

Name Title Type Year PDF
Medgyesi Zoltán Analyzing high available clusters MSc thesis 2007 (Hungarian)
Várhegyi Viktor Integrating an application into Sun Cluster MSc thesis 2007 (Hungarian)
Barabás Zoltán Implementing fault-tolerant application using SA Forum AIS specifications MSc thesis 2008 (Hungarian)
Gárdonyi László Developing an Efficient Application for the Distribution of Large Files BSc thesis 2008 PDF
Kapui Ákos Scalability and performance testing of web applications BSc thesis 2008 (Hungarian)
Ujlaki Levente Supporting application development in mobile setting MSc thesis 2009 (Hungarian)
Hamvas Áron Using UML Sequence Diagrams for the Requirement Analysis of Mobile Distributed Systems MSc thesis 2010 PDF
Laposa László On the standard-based management of virtualization platforms MSc thesis 2010 (Hungarian)

Previous courses

Intelligent system supervision

Code: vimia370
Link: Materials
Description: The course introduces the basics of IT system management, and the connection between software development and IT management. The course details typical management tasks and related technologies (e.g., configuration management, monitoring).
My role: Instructor for the course.

Operating Systems

Code: vimia219
Link: Materials
Description: Introduction the functionalities of an operating system and the basics of distributed systems. Principles demonstrated on the Unix and Windows operating systems.
My role: Lectures about the Windows operating systems and the details of the kernel.

Measurement laboratory 4.

Code: vimia315
Semester: 2008-2013
Link: Guide and exercises
Description: Laboratory exercises for computer networks and operating systems.
My role: Resposible for the exercies about the management and monitoring features of the Windows operating system.

Fault-tolerant Computer Structures Laboratory

Code: vimm4325
Semester: 2005-2009
Description: During three classes the students analyze an infrastructure serving a web shop for possible dependability issues, apply different fault tolerant technologies, and finally model the dependability characteristics of the system.
1. Load balance clustering technologies (Round Robin DNS and Microsoft NLB)
2. Fail-over clusters (using Windows Server Failover Clustering)
3. Model-based dependability analysis (using fault trees and stochastic Petri nets)
My role: Preparing the materials and instructing the above laboratory activities.

Formal Methods

Code: vimm3245
Semester: 2005/2006 II. semester
Description: Introduction to the formal methods, e.g. Petri Nets, model checking, data flow networks, etc.
My role: Giving lectures in the English language course.

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