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TEst Requirement language for MObile Setting (TERMOS)

Testing mobile computing systems is not an easy task. The highly dynamic nature of such systems makes describing interactions between nodes challenging. We developed an approach to define graphical scenarios illustrating key interactions and use these scenarios for verification activities. More specifically, we (i) recommended extensions to UML Sequence Diagrams to handle mobile computing systems, (ii) defined a new language called TERMOS to describe requirements and test purposes, (iii) presented a formal semantics for TERMOS to check execution traces against scenarios, and (iv) implemented two prototype tools to show the feasibility of our approach.

To handle mobile computing systems we proposed the following extensions:

The following figure illustrates these extensions on a simple scenario.

Example TERMOS requirement scenario

See Chapter 4 of my PhD dissertation for a detailed description of the TERMOS language and a test framework based on TERMOS that can be used to test mobile computing systems.

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