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Quantization Noise

by Bernard Widrow and István Kollár


A book on roundoff error in digital computation, signal processing, control, and communications.

Full reference: Bernard Widrow and István Kollár, "Quantization Noise: Roundoff Error in Digital Computation, Signal Processing, Control, and Communications," Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2008. 778 p.
ISBN-13: 9780521886710, ISBN: 0521886716
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The book summarizes the statistical theory of quantization. The properties and application conditions of the noise model of quantization are discussed in details. Limits of applicatibility are formulated. The theory is developed for uniform quantizers, then it is extended to floating-point number representation. Applications to roundoff in FIR/IIR filters, in feedback control systems, and in numerical calculations are discussed. The use of analog/digital dither is also investigated.

The book has been published by the beginning of July, 2008, by Cambridge University Press.
Nominal price: 86 USD / 45 GPB. Here is the web page of the book at the publisher, and a flyer.

A solutions manual is also available for instructors, containing solutions to exercises given after each chapter.

A fixed-point and floating-point MATLAB toolbox is also available.

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